We are a team of dedicated and highly talented professionals focused on driving improved patient outcomes with natural remedies. We are an organization built on high ethical standards, an unwavering commitment to patients, and transparent communication.

Our in-depth knowledge of the pharmacology and physiological effects of cannabinoids, coupled with our passion for improving  lives, drives our commitment to provide natural healthier solutions. We were founded specifically to deliver pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid products and medications to  persons to persons in need of improving their quality of life.

From State-of-the-Art Cultivation and Process Centers through Modern Dispensing Locations you will be engaged by an organization that takes pride in delivering Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabinoids to help People Create Healthier Lives.



We have a drive and a desire to improve the world around us and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and society. At the center of our belief structure is a clear understanding that people will make good decisions when presented with good information. We know there have been many years of bad information disseminated around the value of Cannabinoid based products. Each of us is totally committed to challenging misinformation and just plain bad information about Cannabinoids by sharing our knowledge and experiences to as many people as we can. We are also positioning ourselves as key providers of information from noted authorities and research institutions to put people in a position to make an informed decision as to whether or not Cannabinoids are a viable alternative to them. Our desire is to have as many people as we can be in position to make this critical decision from a position of knowledge and not hearsay.



Our desire to produce and sell medical grade cannabis products is rooted in our belief that this product is a healthier alternative to opioid use and other traditional treatments that may carry significant risks from side effects. We believe it is time to educate people, from all walks of life, on the benefits of medical cannabis products from regulated environments to help them handle health challenges.


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Proven, Experienced, & Georgia Proud.

At Endoflor, our mission is to deliver pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid products and medications. We are currently in the process of trying to obtain a dispensary license for low THC based medicine in the state of GA.

In Georgia, qualified patients are now able to utilize low THC oil to help them deal with a number of ailments. Unfortunately, access to THC oil is currently severely limited because there is no mechanism for production in the state. However, legislation was passed last year establishing the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission which will grant licenses to companies to produce THC locally. By 2021, low THC oil will be readily available for those in need.

To learn more on to become a patient in GA go to https://dph.georgia.gov/low-thc-oil-faq-general-public


To board will consist of certified doctors and pharmacists. Experienced outreach and patient personnel serving the medical cannabis market.

As a team we bring over 20 years of combined expertise, starting up and operating medical cannabis businesses in multiple states across the country. Our experience in this industry separates us from other startup companies because we will not have to go outside the State of Georgia to find experienced industry leaders as our key leaders already have first-hand knowledge and experience in other well-established Cannabis Markets.

Lindsay Jones



Mr. Jones is a senior operation professional with more than 40 years experiences with well-known start-up businesses in the US and Canada which include Starbucks and the Original Cakerie. In addition, he has held key leadership roles with Frito Lay, Campbell Soups and Chiquita. Mr. Jones was instrumental in growing the Florida Cannabis program in 2017 with the addition of 5 acres of Cultivation Space and expanding Curaleaf Retail footprint from 1 to 22 dispensaries in only 12 months making the Florida business one of the largest in the State. His focus on educating physicians and patients created a huge demand for his Cannabis Products and Services. His team was the first to gain approval to dispense Cannabis based Medications to mobility constrained patients and veterans struggling with PTSD through secure drive up windows at multiple State Approved Locations. In the face of exponential sales growth he oversaw the expansion of staffing from 50 employees in 2017 to 500 by the end of 2018. Mr. Jones lead the first Cannabis Business to achieve Global Food Safety Certification. He is a member of the National Cannabis Trade Federation and a was part of the first Cannabis group to address the Capitol Staff at the US Capitol. Lindsay is a long-term resident of Georgia and a graduate from Fort Valley State University. Connect with Lindsay on Linkedin.

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