Water Soluble Nano CBD = Maximum Bioavailability


Although CBD is water-soluble, the majority of cannabinoids are still bonded through the use of oils and fats. This becomes evident when you try to add a few drops into your coffee, but it refuses to blend.

Lately, science has highlighted the benefits of going for water-soluble variants of CBD that rely on nanotechnology to make it easier for the human body to absorb the cannabinoids. There are a few nuanced considerations, but the data is leaning heavily towards nano.

Production process

In general, water-soluble CBD is created through nano emulsification. This is a manufacturing process that utilizes ultrasonic waves to pressurize CBD particles within hemp. The pressurization makes individual particles burst into many miniature CBD “nanoparticles.”

The process significantly reduces the size of the CBD particles to the point where they’re measured in nanometers (which is a billionth of a meter). Afterward, an emulsifier is added in with the nanoparticles so that CBD can dissolve before it enters your body.

Emulsifiers are simply a substance that can force two other substances to mix when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It’s essentially a miscibility compensator — the chemistry equivalent of a wall adapter.

The reason why all these steps are necessary is that CBD is inherently lipophilic (dissolves in fat rather than water) at its core. By adding in a fatty emulsifier, it makes it possible for these nanoparticles to be compatible with water in beverages, the bloodstream, etc.

Its newfound ability to dissolve into the bloodstream efficiently and at a rapid pace is what makes it more effective over CBD oil. However, do note that many people favor water-soluble variants for ease-of-use in beverages rather than for the higher efficacy.

Those who ingest higher doses of CBD can also benefit greatly from water-soluble variants as it will be easier on their liver. This is due to the fact that water-soluble nano CBD is absorbed through the bloodstream instead of going through the digestive tracks.

Higher absorption

The research on nano CBD is still in its early stages, but most studies point to superior absorption in comparison to CBD oil. A scientist at the University of British Columbia said that the changes occurring at nanoscales are far different than what we see in the everyday world.

According to his research, the better absorption comes down to the fact that water-soluble nano CBD has more surface area than its oil counterpart. This fast-tracks the physical and chemical processes so they happen quicker.

The larger surface area makes it possible for electromagnetic forces to dominate which in turn leads to the CBD molecules being more easily absorbed by our body — considering the fact that the human body is 60% water.

As we mentioned, the higher bioavailability of nano CBD allows it to go through the bloodstream sooner rather than linger in the digestive tract. This means that your digestive system won’t get the opportunity to ”eat up” most of the CBD.

Quick absorption is essential as CBD is broken down if it stays in the digestive tract too long before being absorbed into your bloodstream. By minimizing dissipation, you’ll make it easier for CBD to bind to the receptors in your system.

Accurate dosing

Beyond absorption, the benefits also stretch into dosing territory. Accurate CBD dosing is very difficult at the moment because the variables are so different from one person to the next. Nano CBD could be the solution as it takes biological variation out of the equation.

The bioavailability and absorption rates of nano-emulsified CBD are easier to predict. This means scientists will be able to know how much of it is going to be absorbed and how fast beforehand without having to rely on too much guesswork.

This will also make it possible for scientists to measure the exact point when the CBD starts taking effect as well as the point when it stops — something important in both therapeutic and research use cases.

Why absorption matters

You might think that the absorption ratio is negligible and not too important in the grand scheme of things. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you paid for some soda in a restaurant but the glass was only 20% full wouldn’t that upset you?

The same applies to paying for CBD but only being able to absorb 20% of it. If you’re the type of person who wants to get a full glass of benefits then water-soluble nano CBD is really the best option for you.

In raw numbers, water-soluble CBD lets you absorb 95%-100% of the cannabidiol versus the 20% — sometimes even 10% — that your body would absorb with regular CBD. For every 10 mg of nano CBD, you get close to the full 10 milligrams rather than just one or two milligrams.

Proper usage

There are some considerations that consumers should pay attention to when using nano CBD. First of all, they should avoid keeping it in direct light since light can degrade the CBD over time. If it’s left in direct light too long, all the CBD may break down.

This is true for all CBD but is particularly noteworthy for nano CBD since it lets light flow through it more freely. The higher transparency is actually one way to distinguish between nano CBD and CBD oil.

Lastly, there is no need to shake the bottle since nano-emulsified CBD is always in a stable state. If a bottle has a label saying that shaking is necessary, then it may actually be CBD oil rather than water-soluble nano CBD.

Future adoption

As the manufacturing process for water-soluble CBD becomes more widely known amongst business owners, the adoption rate is likely to increase steadily over time. This will likely be driven by company-side benefits rather than consumer benefits alone.

For instance, water-soluble CBD has a longer shelf life which means retailers won’t have to dump stock as often. This provides the financial incentive to invest in nano emulsification production processes.

With the CBD market projected to hit $10 billion by 2025, the motivators for innovation are clearly already there.


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