CBD oil is a natural substance that can be extracted from hemp and cannabis plants. Legality, and hence access, varies from region to region. In places where it is permitted, people have used it to gain relief from different health conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, diabetes, PTSD, seizures, and so on. The actual ability of this drug to cure ailments is still under study with no conclusive results. This has not stopped users from trying it for a range of illnesses and claiming positive effects. Plenty of products containing this substance are out in the market. Know as much as possible about it before making a purchase.

CBD Effects

This substance is not yet completely understood. However, it has demonstrable antipsychotic effects which have made it popular for use in mental health issues. Scientists have not found the specific reasons for these effects but there is evidence that suggest its ability to inhibit the breakdown of a brain chemical which is related to mood, pain, and mental functions. By inhibiting this chemical’s breakdown, psychotic symptoms are minimized in cases of schizophrenia and similar conditions. Some evidence also suggests that it can reduce the feeling of pain and anxiety.

CBD for Multiple Sclerosis

There is a product that is marketed as a pain relief drug for Multiple Sclerosis called Sativex. Active ingredients include THC and CBD oil. Aside from pain management, it can also relieve frequent urination and muscle tightness. Although this product is effective, it does not necessarily demonstrate CBD oil’s ability to help with MS in a conclusive manner. After all, it is mixed in with other compounds. Other researches have suggested that it can be good for some symptoms but not in others. Further studies will have to be conducted to gain more insights regarding its abilities and limitations.

Other Applications

Some people are using this substance to quit smoking or at least minimize their dependence on cigarettes. According to some research, inhaling it using a vapor tool for a week can lower the cigarettes consumed by up to 40% compared to the usual quantity. There is also evidence to suggest that this can help insomniacs sleep better but only if the dose is 160mg. Anything lower than this fails to produce the desired effect. Before resorting to such a measure, people should try tried and tested methods like reducing blue light exposure, noise levels, and heat in the room.


CBD oil should be handled with caution as its effects on the body is not yet completely understood. People have tried to consume it in different ways at various doses with mixed results. According to WebMD.com, the substance is possibly safe when taken orally by adults (for example, spraying under the tongue for quick absorption). Daily doses of 300mg have been performed safely at a maximum of six months. As the dose gets higher, the period of safe use gets shorter. It is best to consult a doctor to learn more about the right dosages for your condition if you really want to use related products.


Just like any drug, CBD oil has its own share of side effects. People have reported experiencing drowsiness, low blood pressure, and dry mouth. You may want to stop and report this to your doctor for advice if they happen to you. It is always better to err on the safe side. Pregnant and breast feeding women should avoid taking the substance as the effects on the mothers and the children are not yet known. Those who have Parkinson’s Disease should moderate their intake as high doses may worsen tremors.