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Why Cannabis Has Been Deemed An Essential Business Amid COVID-19 Pandemic 

2020 is the year that changed the way people socialize. This is also the year that cannabis legalization swept the ballots. With 34 states having legalized cannabis in some form, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing a shift in cannabis support for the better. 


Israel Researchers Launch Clinical Trials To Test CBD As COVID-19 Treatment Supplement 

Israeli scientists have launched clinical trials into whether cannabis can play an effective role in stopping or slowing the coronavirus. Though lung health experts have warned smoking marijuana could exacerbate COVID-19 and its spread, Israeli scientists will study cannabidiol (CBD) alongside existing treatment options as a possible solution. 


Should CBD become a part of your wellness routine in these troubling times? 

As a mother and wife who needed to function, Frankel became restless as she struggled with pain due to the swelling in her brain. Then her husband stumbled upon CBD, a natural anti-inflammatory derived from the cannabis plant that could, perhaps, offer some hope.